How it works

With our free support and guidance, simply select the most suitable test for your client.

You then have the option to work closely with your client during the process or you can provide them with your coupon code to enable them to order the test themselves.

Your involvement is up to you. Whether you’re looking to earn through affiliate links on your site and media, or if you want to be a full Lifelab Testing Partner whose tests compliment your service; the choice is yours.

To offer the best health and fitness service, you can view the online dashboard to see your client’s test results and guide them further on their journey which can lead to further sales opportunities depending on your business.

Your clients. Our service. One great result.

By becoming a partner you can:

  • Add an additional revenue stream to your business, earning as you go. We pay directly into your account without delay
  • Gain access to nutritional support and guidance for your client through our in-house nutrition team, should you require it
  • Benefit from our 'exclusive to partners' test range
  • Earn rewards for referring other partners with extra revenue or money off tests
  • Offer a higher quality service with scientifically accurate allergy and intolerance testing
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Our divisions

We recognise that testing can be beneficial across a wide range of sectors ranging from medical to sports and fitness including general health. We all have common goals for our clients: to give them the best possible service and optimisation of their health and performance. To maximise on these different knowledge bases, the Lifelab Testing divisions have been created to respond to the differing needs of our affiliate partners.

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