What is it that’s causing your symptoms?

Understanding your symptoms and what they may be trying to tell you can be a difficult process. Some symptoms are very common and can be a sign of many different conditions, making it even more challenging to truly identify the root cause.

We’ve collated some information on common symptoms experienced when you’re suffering with an allergy or sensitivity. It must be noted that though anaphylaxis is not common, it is an incredibly important subject to highlight when discussing allergies. Below are just some of the symptoms you can experience:

When monitoring the symptoms you experience, it’s useful to write them down along with the foods you have eaten in a food/symptom diary. You can then use this information to understand any links between your diet and symptoms. It is also important to consider all symptoms you experience together rather than each in isolation.

For each symptom, we have included the Lifelab Testing kit we would recommend. People and the symptoms they experience are highly individual though, so if you are unsure of whether the recommendation is right for you please do get in touch with our nutrition team who will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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Sian Baker DipION mBANT mCNHC

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