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Ali Hemsley Food Intolerance

I’ve been so impressed with the service provided by LifeLabTesting. The testing kit was really easy to use and the instructions were so clear. I loved that you have everything you need for the test, including the pre-paid postage envelope. I also loved the notifications to keep me up to date with the testing process, and was surprised at how quickly I received the results.

The results were clearly presented and well explained, and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to a nutritionist afterwards about my results. For me personally, the results were very surprising - I had allergies and intolerances which I wouldn’t have even thought about if it hadn’t been for the test! The nutritionist was so friendly and really helped me to understand the results more in depth, and how to recognise the symptoms. I didn’t know that headaches and fatigue are symptoms of allergies, but I suffer from them a lot!

I have a chronic illness, so my health is really important to me - I’ve now reduced the intake of some food items, so that I can minimise the negative effects of them. I feel like this test has been a key turning point for me in terms of understanding my body and my digestive health - I can’t wait to see how these changes in diet will affect my overall wellbeing. I’d definitely recommend LifeLabTesting to a friend (in fact, I have already!!) Thank you LifeLabTesting for making the process so easy - from clear instructions and results, to such lovely customer service!