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With our laboratories based in the UK, Lifelab Testing has bases all over the world. Overseeing the Asia Pacific region, the experienced and qualified team at James Cook University work exceptionally hard to ensure that Lifelab is able to provide its services on a global presence.

With our top of the range labs in England, it is vital that our overseas hubs are on the same page. This is why we are so excited to partner with the fantastic team at JCU, as their values, expertise and all round dedication to the customer experience is reciprocated around the globe.

James Cook University

Building on excellence and capitalising on its superb reputation, James Cook University is a modern and dynamic university which is universally recognised for its excellence. Do you recognise the name? Yes? The University takes its name from Captain James Cook, the first explorer to get a glimpse of Australia in all its beauty.

Based in Queensland, JCU is a teaching and research institution. The University has an outstanding reputation, boasting the rank of No. 1 in Australia for employer satisfaction. As well as this, the University is recognised globally, as it is ranked No. 28 in 2018 in the Top 50 of the world’s Universities under 50 years. Contributing to its global success is the University’s research connections to 124 countries around the world, as well as its 26 JCU specialised research centres and institutes. What’s more, JCU is a major economic driving force within its regions that it is based across Australia.

A dedication to Research

Pioneers in the allergy sector, JCU are at the forefront of Allergy testing. Catching up with the rest of the world in terms of allergy testing is important, but with the expertise that JCU holds, they are getting there. A research team led by Professor Andreas Lopata, is currently striving to develop the first ever wide-spectrum finger prick allergy test within Australia.

The team is looking into using assay microarray, catapulting the allergy testing industry forwards. Andreas and his team are also examining how to build testing capacity, meaning that their resources are better targeted to tackle the problem. With allergy prevalence on the rise, it is exciting times for Andreas and his team at JCU.

What does the test involve?

The test that Andreas and his team are looking at involves giving customers the most detailed report possible, as they look to identify and tackle their allergies. This test will diagnose more allergies than others, whilst at the same time proving a lot less invasive for children who are being tested.

The Difference

How will this test be different? For one thing, it will be a lot less invasive and easier for the customer to use, as you will require 20 times less blood than current tests. Furthermore, the test should be easy-to-administer and be highly specific in regard to allergies, leading customers able to identify their allergies. This will be the first step to people being able to discover new aspects of their life they never knew they could do before. Providing faster and more accurate results, this would be a big step forward for allergy testing in Australia.

Why allergy testing?

With allergies often being hereditary, it is increasingly more important that allergy testing is child- friendly, as with most allergies being developed in childhood, people are able to identify and react to allergies. Not only will the tests help to identify allergies, but they will also help families, adults and children to manage them, as people will now be aware of what to avoid.

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Around the world, Lifelab can guarantee that we will provide you with ultimate customer satisfaction. Whether it be in the Asia Pacific region, in Europe or in the UK, our established network of Partners, Experts and Nutritionists will help you to discover your extra mile.

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