Basic Allergy Test

25 key food & drink allergies tested

Our Basic Allergy Test is your starting point to a better you. This 25 food item test will help you identify the most common food allergies.

The blood analysis includes: Wheat, Peanut, Egg White, Rice and Meat covering such allergies as wheat, nuts and egg white. A full list of the 25 food items can be found in the details box further down.

You’ll receive: A sample kit in the post, a prepaid return envelope, a summary of your results on an easy to understand dashboard, a downloadable full report and a comprehensive guide.

Please note: This test does not test for intolerances.

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15 years in development

Suitable for one person

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Our Basic Allergy test uses the latest diagnostic technology to analyse your blood sample, allowing us to generate a comprehensive report bespoke to you. These easy-to-administer kits are available for personal use and we provide a step-by-step video guide allowing you to conduct the test on yourself or your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. Our comprehensive report then explains your results and gives nutritionist certified advice about you which is key towards optimising your diet and your health.

Lifelab’s Basic Allergy Test offers personalised, preventative healthcare, diagnosis and advice – quickly and easily. The Basic Allergy Test scans up to 25 popular food stuffs to identify which items may be causing you problems by producing irritating IgE symptoms. The test results/diagnosis include comprehensive information, such as nutritional recommendations and suitable dietary supplements.

Tested Items

  • IgE - Tomato
  • IgE - Carrot
  • IgE - Celery
  • IgE - Mustard
  • IgE - Orange
  • IgE - Strawberry
  • IgE - Apple
  • IgE - Peach
  • IgE - Kiwi fruit
  • IgE - Egg white
  • IgE - Milk
  • IgE - Cod
  • IgE - Salmon
  • IgE - Crab
  • IgE - Shrimp
  • IgE - Meat
  • IgE - Wheat
  • IgE - Rice
  • IgE - Soy
  • IgE - Potato
  • IgE - Peanut
  • IgE - Hazelnut
  • IgE - Almond
  • IgE - CCD
  • IgE - Total IgE

The Basic Allergy Test kit includes:

  • 1x alcohol wipe
  • 1x plaster
  • 1x gauze/absorbent pad
  • 1x transport tube
  • 1x microvette 300 ql (sampling tube)
  • 2x lancets CE 0344
  • 1x return envelope
  • 1x activation card with adhesive label

Why take a Basic Allergy Test?

  • You suspect that you may have a food allergy and want to look specifically at food allergens (IgE)
  • You want to look at the most commonly experienced food allergies such as wheat, peanut, egg white, celery, mustard, salmon, cod, soy, milk, crab, shrimp, almonds, hazelnuts
  • You want to consider other very commonly eaten foods such as potato, meat, rice, apples, tomatoes

Benefits of our Basic Allergy Test

  • Our Basic Allergy Test is a great starting point for you to identify some of the more common food allergies.
  • This test analyses 25 food items which include Wheat, Peanut, Egg White, Rice and Meat. You can see the full list of 25 food items on the ITEMS WE TEST FOR section above.

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