What is the process?

With our free support and guidance you just select the most suitable test for you client.

Depending on the affiliate partner level you choose, you have the option of ordering the test for the client or simply pass on your coupon code for the client to order in their own time.

Naturally, the more involved you are the higher your earnings. Equally, we know some of you are very busy and therefore we have full support in place for your client should they require it.


With your clients' agreement you can view the online dashboard to see their test results and report. You can guide them on how to use the information they receive or recommend a nutrition professional.

If at this point you need us to step in and provide nutritional advice to your client we can do so via telephone or email. You can then support them with their onward journey in implementing any changes.

Please note in order to benefit from the top level in our affiliated partner we do require a copy of your qualifications and insurance. We are sure you will appreciate how important this is to us.

Revenue - Generate an additional revenue stream, earn as you go.

  • Accuracy - With state of the art Elisa technology we identify the presence of food, drink or inhalant allergies and intolerances that may be impeding client progress.
  • Visibility - You can check the progress of your clients' test via your Lifelab dashboard so you know which stage the sample is at (activated/ in the lab/ processing/ results)
  • Reliability - Lifelab have a 99.8% accuracy when retesting samples in our lab, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best information. Evidence available on request.
  • Support - Depending on your knowledge and experience, we can support you to give your clients the best advice or we can support your client directly.
  • Understanding - If you would like to further your understanding of allergies and intolerances and the common symptoms experienced we can help you with this.
  • Exclusivity - Benefit from our expanding range of 'affiliate partner only' exclusive tests.
  • Knowledge - Coming soon... an invite to our online Lifelab Professionals Group. Containing relevant information that will help support you in your business.
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Our range of products

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complete intolerance test

Complete Intolerance Test

160 key food & drink intolerances tested

Tested items include wheat, drinks, meat, fish, fruit, nuts & seeds, herbs & spices and cheese

Only £249.00

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basic intolerance test

Basic Intolerance Test

40 key food & drink intolerances tested

Tested items include wheat, milk, meat, fish and rice

Only £99.00

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basic allergy test

Basic Allergy Test

25 key food & drink allergies tested

Tested items include wheat, milk, meat & fish

Only £74.99

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As many as 3 in 10 people believe themselves to be allergic or intolerant to one or more foods

It’s time for change. Live life your way.

Jazz Franks

I’ve had eczema since I was a baby yet I’ve never found out the cause of it. I’ve used every moisturiser there is and I have repeat prescriptions for body washes and creams but I’m not going to lie I don’t hold back on what I eat, I just know I flare up after I’ve drank alcohol or I’m stressed but I’ve constantly had small patches of eczema for the past few years. I’m quite good at covering it up & I use steroid cream before events so it’s very rarely on show. #eczema #intolerancetesting

Lisa Lanceford

I’ve been suffering with bloating for the past 2.5 years and didn’t know what was triggering it. I’ve been able to pin point a couple of foods to avoid now due to the Lifelab Testing™ Intolerance test flagging these up as critical which has been a massive help for me. They also very kindly put me in touch with a nutritionist who has been able to suggest things to add into my everyday diet and also change things around! All in all I’m super happy with the service from Lifelab Testing™

Emma O’Neill

For a long time I’ve suffered with digestion problems and constantly being bloated. The results I got from Lifelab Testing™ were just what I needed to identify which food items were causing me issues. The nutritionist at Lifelab also gave me some great advice on the approach to eliminating items out of my diet.

Hayley Clough

As a WBFF pro it’s essential I look after my body but I found that I was lacking energy and would frequently be tired. The results I received from LifeLab Testing™ allowed me to manage my diet and I felt a huge improvement, not only in my energy levels but also in my performance when training.

We all have a story... What’s yours?

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