About our board of specialists

The Lifelab Testing Advisory Board consists of leading scientists and nutritionists, all of whom provide their expert opinion on the journey of the company and what they recommend we do is always best for our customers. The Board suggests recommendations regarding all scientific advancements and projects which are posed by the work that Lifelab Testing undertakes.

Operating with a wealth of knowledge, experience and extensive qualifications, our advisory board oversee all aspects of Lifelab Testing’s science, technology and nutritional advice solutions. The ever-growing board features experts in many different areas relating to allergies, intolerances and sensitives allowing us to stay at the forefront of technology. The Advisory Board is situated all around the world which allows us access to data, white papers and continued involvement in advancements.

Contributing to, and overseeing the success of Lifelab Testing, the advisory board have recommended the blood testing technology that sees us boast our impressive customer satisfaction rate. On the board’s recommendation, our analysts use the Allergy Line Test within our laboratory and are crucial in continued team training and education. Many of the educational pieces are included in the Lifelab Testing blog as well as on all of our social media channels. See the featured advisory board members below.

Featured Board Member Andreas Lopata

Amongst the board is Professor Andreas Lopata, who is highly regarded in the field of allergy testing.

Professor Andreas Lopata is a molecular immunologist and Professorial Chair with the College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences at James Cook University (JCU). He is also Theme Leader of ‘Molecular Immunology’ within the Centre for Biodiscovery and Molecular Development of Therapeutics’. He leads the Molecular Allergy Research Laboratory (MARL) in the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine (AITHM) at JCU. For more information on Professor Andreas Lopata, please click here.

Featured Board Member Sian Baker

Sian Baker, our head nutritionist who works on a day-to-day basis with the team and also our customers, provides expert advice to those suffering from an allergy or an intolerance.

A friendly, welcoming and caring person, Sian always puts the customer first, as well as having the company at the forefront of her mind. With experience across the nutritional sector, Sian studies the results of customers and the practices of the company before advising Lifelab Testing on what the next step should be. A member of both BANT and CNHC, Sian also holds accredited and registered membership with the Professional Standards Agency. Click here to see more about how Sian can help you.

We’re always expanding

Joining part of the UK and Europe Advisory board team based right here in Derby is an experienced and highly-qualified professional who has succeeded in almost every role he has undertaken. At a time when allergy testing has never been more important, this is a huge step forwards for Lifelab Testing.

A new science advisory member coming soon with knowledge, expertise and experience.

Based at our UK centre of excellence, we now have a team full of diagnostic, nutrition and medical experts. They advise the Lifelab team on all the new and revolutionary technology, whilst keeping a close eye on the methods and technology involved in allergy testing.

Focused on improving the already exceptionally high-standards that Lifelab already upholds, the experienced blood-handling specialist can promise only the best in terms of customer service and knowledge. In each step of your journey, Lifelab has a Professor helping you to analyse your blood, a nutritionist providing you with advice on your results and an experienced Medical Director overseeing the whole customer journey. You will not receive a better experience anywhere else in regard to allergy testing.

They will bring more expert knowledge to help us develop only the best products and service worldwide.

Brimming with experience and knowledge, our team are well-known throughout the medical industry and around the world for their determination, ambition and ability to succeed in finding the best results in allergy testing. Having created the IVD testing equipment, the Research & Development team will continue to strive to be the best, as they work tirelessly to ensure that you have not only an enjoyable experience with Lifelab but also a beneficial one.

Overseeing Technology in allergy testing

What do we use to test your blood? Well, we use the Allergy Line Test: an enzyme immunoassay for in-vitro allergy diagnostics in line strip format. All of our Scientists and practitioners are given full guidance and training on how to use the equipment and what the best way is to detect IgE antibodies (allergies). In short, Lifelab provides accurate, reliable test results in the allergy testing sector.

Proud of our team

As a truly worldwide company, Lifelab are delighted to have Board Members from all over the world overseeing the company’s global strategy as it continues to strive to be the best. Ultimately, with the experience, knowledge and qualifications that Lifelab and its Advisory Board now boast, the company is looking to discovering its very own extra mile.

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We're proud of our team and are established members of the scientific community